What We’re All About


This website is intended to showcase the athletes of the mountain, ultra and trail running community who have made a commitment to running clean, free of performance enhancing drugs.  Each athlete listed here has taken the following pledge:

I am committed to being a clean athlete. In addition to any punishment imposed by the IAAF, a national federation, or any national anti-doping agency or government in any sport, I pledge that if I am found by such body to have committed a doping offense (at any competition or out of competition) past, present or future, and I have been subject to a ban of 3 months or more, I agree to a lifetime ban on receiving any prize money, points, other form of prize, or a position in the competitive rankings of any race.

Future generations and fellow runners are looking at our sport and looking for role models around the issue of doping. It is important that among a sea of potentially negative discussions, that they have a positive place to go to read about runners who are committed to being clean. That is the goal behind this site.

The People Behind the Website
The website was created by Paul Kirsch and David Roche. The idea came to Paul during a trail run with his dogs in the dark hours of a New Hampshire morning. It was inspired by this blog post by Zach Miller. Paul wanted to provide a resource  to showcase the athletes who are positive role models within the sport with their commitment to be clean. It’s a response to the call to action that Zach made in his blog post:

“I want young kids to have positive role models to look up to. I want them to be able to cheer for clean athletes who exemplify what it means to be hard working, dedicated, and persistent. And if we can’t get rid of all the dirty athletes, then I hope the clean athletes can put their nose to the grindstone and beat them anyways. That way young children can watch a sporting event and say “Hey, I don’t need drugs to be good! The clean athletes are winning anyways.” While this may seem a bit naïve and far-fetched, I’m up for the challenge. We can still try to clean up the sport and if we work hard enough, we just might succeed. But, let’s commit to doing more than just making noise, noise that can be drowned out. Let us commit to being the light in the darkness, a beacon of hope in a troubled time. Because after all, the best way out of this mess might be for us to light the way for those who follow in our tracks. Let’s LIGHT IT UP!”
-Zach Miller in his blog post

The site is maintained by Paul, David and Ben Nephew, who are all passionate about the sport of trail running. If you have comments about the site, send us a message.  Thanks for taking the time to stop by and check it out.

David's dog, Addie, getting dirty.
David’s dog, Addie, getting dirty.


One of Paul’s dogs, Sam, getting dirty.