Aykut Celikbas

Why I took the pledge: Running has made me appreciate the value of commitment, determination and hard work which I learned to apply to other areas of life. The only way one can truly understand these values is by being clean. In this sport you sometimes succeed and sometimes fail. Either way, if you’re clean […]

Martin Cox

Why I took the pledge: I see this is the first step in forcing those ‘in charge’ of mountain sport (e.g. the ISF) to wake up and take the issue of doping seriously.

Yassine Diboun

Why I took the pledge: So much of running is about commitment, discipline, and integrity—-not taking the short cut. I am 100% behind promoting a clean sport, and I appreciate everyone who put together this pledge. #RespectTheSport #KeepItClean

Gary Robbins

Why I took the pledge: This sport was born of pure, simple and honest roots, to challenge your body and mind in the mountains and out on the trails. We need to take every step possible to preserve the integrity and character that has naturally pervaded in trail running circles for decades. This is one […]

Shannon Payne

Why I took the pledge: Because running up mountains is as close as I’ll ever come to heaven on earth, and I couldn’t imagine ever tarnishing it or making it anything less than that! I love running to run just as much as I love running to race! On top of that and maybe more […]

Ethan Nedeau

Why I took the pledge: As a competitor in mountain, trail, and obstacle course races, I race against a broad spectrum of athletes and feel we should all share a commitment to competing with integrity. Beets, sweet potatoes, kale, and bacon provide more than enough performance enhancement.

Michelle Andersen

Why I took the pledge: There are no shortcuts in life. Trail running exemplifies this in my life. Hard, honest work to achieve a goal and experiencing the sense of gratitude and fulfillment when it has been accomplished. Running in the mountains is my sanctuary…please keep it a #cleansport.

Chris Lundberg

Why I took the pledge: We all deserve a level playing field, clear and consistent rules, and a commitment to integrity. Beat me if you’re more talented. Beat me if you train harder. Beat me if you prepare smarter. Beat me if you eat better. All I ask is that you beat me at the […]