Peter Bernal

Why I took the Pledge Soy de las personas me enseñaron desde pequeño en mi hogar que las cosas se ganan de manera limpia y honradamente, es el premio mas grande que tiene cualquier deportistas que lo que gana lo hace por esfuerzo y merito propio, que trabajo duro para ello, porque toda aquella persona […]

Nathan Toben

Why I Took the Pledge Running is measurably synergistic with my recovery from alcohol addiction. Doping in sport runs counter to my core beliefs and passions that align with the originating ethos that trail running was born from.

Jason St. Pierre

Why I Took the Pledge I just have a great respect for my body and learning its natural limits or that there seem to be none if you work hard enough at something… and admire what others can accomplish. I feel betrayed and cheated when someone accomplishes an amazing thing on PED’s. There’s no shortcuts […]

Kyle Konczal

Why I Took the Pledge Keeping the competitive field level will continue to allow our sport to grow. As athletes, we work very hard to get to the levels we are at and getting an edge from a substance creates an imbalance in our sport.

Carol Lai

Why I Took the Pledge I find peace in running. Running has helped me see my own strength and courage in darkness created by my Depression and PTSD. PEDs will only strip away all the growth I have done and replace it with self-doubt. I love seeing the kids I coach light up when they […]

Ryan Lawley

Why I Took the Pledge I am committed to clean sport in running because too many role models have fallen by the wayside over the years due to drug use and cheating. The short term gain to the athlete just isn’t worth the long term damage to the sports it happens in, be it running, […]

Tim Snow

Why I Took the Pledge Winners never cheat and cheaters never win! Drugs are pervasive in our society. Doctors prescribe pills instead of exercise and rehab, and people use drugs to enhance their performance…it’s just wrong! If I am going to get beat (and I will…I’m a mid packer at best!) I want to know […]

Lauren Graham

Why I Took the Pledge Doping is no better than being a junkie on the streets; same deceitfulness, same unending drive to get what you want, same selfishness, none of which has a place in a sport that is about displaying your NATURAL talent. The only performance enhancement that is allowed is that which you […]