Ian Sharman

Why I Took the Pledge I firmly believe that cheating of any form in racing is something that should never be tolerated, whether it’s course cutting, littering or even more serious areas like taking substances that have been banned within the sport of athletics. It’s undoubtedly a complex subject with a lot of debate on […]

Sage Canaday

Why I took the Pledge I think it is inspiring to see what the human body can achieve naturally! It’s about “Respecting The Game” and celebrating the process of improving oneself, setting goals and accomplishing them through honest means with a dose of self-discipline, perseverance and integrity. Finally, I think future generations of runners can […]

Camille Herron

Why I Took the Pledge I’ve had the misfortune of being directly cheated by dopers, including finishing off the podium (11th) at my first ultra due to a doped Russian (ultimately moved up to 10th). It was a huge disappointment and lifetime low. I don’t wish anyone to experience the pain, disgust, and heartbreak I’ve […]

Mario Mendoza

Why I Took the Pledge What I love about running is the purity of a footrace and the respect you have for those around you because you know they’ve had to put in months, sometimes years of training (sowing) before reaping the benefits in a race. Knowing the sacrifices, the dedication, the life struggles, the […]