Wesley Kerr

Why I Took the Pledge Running is part of a healthy lifestyle. When PEDs start coming into the picture, the lifestyle of the elites ceases to be healthy and worthy of emulation.

Renaud Chapellier

Why I Took the Pledge I’m running to get good time, not a good time; to be outside; to see animals; to smell trees. Taking drugs when there is no real other judge than yourself? Better cutting down of sugar and losing some weight.

Jean Pommier

Why I Took the Pledge The essence of trail, mountain and ultra running is how you deal with the physical and mental challenges offered by nature. It includes a personal element (you against the elements, a certain distance, the clock) but also a competitive aspect (you against the performance of others, either in organized events […]

Marco Zanchi

Why I Took the Pledge Because I believe in clean sport , it is better to lose honest then win by cheating! A lesson for the future for young Trailrunners.

Eugeni Gil

Why I Took the Pledge It is the most fair thing to do. Effort and talent should be the only thing that separates the first from the second. Drugs change the real outcome of every race. Drugs change the meaning of this sport.

Pol Puig Collderram

Why I Took the Pledge I run because It’s something that connects me with the nature. Sometimes, I run as fast as I can and sometimes not. It’s all about having fun, explore the mountains and enjoy everything with friends. Those who use doping to be faster, shouldn’t be running with me.

Jasmin Nunige

Why I Took the Pledge running is a way of life-i just want to find my own limits, and enjoy….”run clean and accept your own limits” ************** laufen ist eine Lebensphilosophie-respektiere deinen Körper, deine Gegner und die Natur- “laufe sauber und akzeptiere deine Limits”. ************** courir est un art de vivre, respecte ton corps, tes […]