Ben Nephew

Why I Took the Pledge

ben_nephew_-_8514-escarpment-jumpHonesty, fairness, and equality are qualities that should be appreciated in all aspects of life. Over the years I had wanted to believe that the sport of running, while not immune to cheating, was dedicated to efforts to promoting a clean sport. It is now clear that our sport is in crisis and that an intense dedication to addressing drug use is needed. I don’t want my children associated with a sport that does not care about promoting healthy and fair competition. If the current situation does not improve and cheating continues to be tolerated with competitive running, we can just go run in the woods, but I don’t want that to happen. I have benefited tremendously from my experiences with healthy and fair competition on high school, collegiate, and post-collegiate teams. Tolerating cheating sabotages lessons of dedication, persistence, resilience, trust, and honesty. I do not accept throwing the arms up in the air and saying that nothing can be done in any other aspect of my life, and I won’t accept it with drug use in running. We need to do better, and we can do better.