Iain Ridgeway

iain_ridgwayWhy I took the pledge:
The sport needs to make a statement that it is different to the other disciplines where PED’s are more common because I think PED’s are being used, sadly I think we are already in a position where we cannot say the sport is clean. Whilst MUT is undoubtedly interested in athletic excellence it’s not the be all and end all of the sport, it’s about a genuine love of running on the trails and mountains first and foremost. Running for me is about hard work, discipline and consistent long-term work towards a goal, not short cuts and cheating. But we also shouldn’t forget that doping also risks lives, it’s that serious. It’s not purely about cheating. Those coaches who encourage young runners to dope risk the lives of those runners. Runners should make the pledge to keep the sport clean, it’s important the community makes a statement that we want a clean sport, this along with need more testing at any major championship, especially where there is money will help the fight.