Ryan Lawley

11224819_832549640194495_949433580299177313_nWhy I Took the Pledge

I am committed to clean sport in running because too many role models have fallen by the wayside over the years due to drug use and cheating. The short term gain to the athlete just isn’t worth the long term damage to the sports it happens in, be it running, cycling, or any other challenge that pits athletes against each other in the name of fair competition. The controversies around those who decide to cheat and, inevitably, get caught for it, mires everyone involved, whether complicit or not, in suspicion, particularly to the layperson or the average fan; it becomes impossible to believe that anyone is clean as familiar names become associated with doping every time a new test manages to find something the athlete thought they covered up. Clean Sport Athletes can change that perception and win back the sport‘s reputation as drug free, as well as those reputations of athletes playing by the rules and winning against cheaters.